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02008 Formula 2- Bike Wash Concentrate- 8oz

Cycle Care

02008 Formula 2- Bike Wash Concentrate- 8oz

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Product Description

Cycle Care Formula 2, is a concentrated gentle shampoo, formulated to clean and extend the life of Cycle Care Formula 3, Polish and Preservative. This product does not contain alkalies, acids or abrasives. Cycle 2 is formulated to perform as a wettting agent, and will soften road grime and soil to prevent abrasion from wash mitt or cloth.

  • Bucket wash - Rinse does not require high pressure. (Agitation required in extremely neglected situations.)
  • Given normal drying conditions (sunlight, good breeze or leaf blower provides virtually spot free results.)
  • Delicate formula - will not strip wax or polish.

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