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The Tale of the Guardian Bell - History of Guardian Bells

The Tale of the Guardian Bell - History of Guardian Bells

As bikers, we enjoy many things; the best thing is we conquered the open roads with hair waving in the air, plus air on our faces, feeling like an ASMR dream. At the same time, people consider us superstitions!

Seriously we bikers are superstitions! I don’t think so; we are! In my point of view, we are the patriots; we are the smart people who read the roads and ride them smartly.

Let me tell you the story you will better understand! I’m a biker by heart and just live to ride, riding is the best medicine and relieves my every problem. My girlfriend gave me a guardian bell for my motorcycle, and I’m pretty happy about it. I attached this bell to the base frame of my bike and riding I stopped at a road signal, and a man passed through my side and fleered me a superstition and then pointed to my motorcycle bell. I just don’t feel good that moment and then decided to educate my fellows that we are bikers we are lovely people we are at least not superstitions.

 So, if you feel the same and want to know more about this, let’s research and clear the myths and learn more about its history, its stories, rules, and its installations, so turn off your engine and turn on your reading sense and keep reading until you clear this myth of fellows.

What is a Guardian Bell?

These bells are no less than a miracle, and these tiny bells are famous for road safety. Everyone has his own name for it. Some famous names are Guardian Bells, Gremlin Bells, Angel Bells, and Spirit Bells; it's just like a good luck charm for bike riders.


Attaching this bell to the motorcycle will protect the bikers from road mishaps, and they definitely ride safely. It also looks elegant and adds charm to the bike decor, and it is also considered a sign of love and bondage among riders.

You saw a picture of “Saint Christopher” and “Tau Cross” hanging on the car's rearview mirror. Some people consider it good luck and also believe that it protects them from inhabitants while on the road, and some bikers think it's also safe for them from road mishaps.

Origin Stories Related to Motorcycle Guardian Bell:

The motorcycle guardian bell, also known as a gremlin bell or spirit bell, has a fascinating origin story deeply rooted in motorcycle culture. Legends have different stories, but one thing is common: they serve as protection against road dangers and bad spirits.

One popular story dates back to World War II, where it's said that American soldiers brought back small bells from their military service. These bells were believed to pull off evil spirits and bring good luck. Upon returning home, many soldiers continued to hang these bells on their bikes as protection during their rides.

Another tale suggests that the tradition originated with bikers in the 1950s and 1960s. According to this legend, mischievous spirits, known as "gremlins," were blamed for mechanical problems and accidents on motorcycles. Bikers began attaching small bells to their bikes to ward off these gremlins and ensure safe travels.

In religious beginnings, the guardian bell for motorcycle customs can be found even older. Throughout history, bells have served as symbolic significance in various religious ceremonies and rituals. In Christian tradition, bells were often used to ward off bad spirits, announce important events, or invoke divine protection.

Another story related to the RAF is the tradition of the guardian bell, or gremlin bell, which also has some roots in the Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots during World War II.

The RAF pilots often took small bells in their cockpits as a form of protection during their missions. These bells back off evil spirits and bring good luck. Pilots faced many dangers in the war, like enemy fire, mechanical failures, and bad weather conditions. In the face of such uncertainties, these bells provided a sense of comfort and control. Hanging a bell in the cockpit became a symbolic gesture, representing hope and protection amidst the chaos of combat.

Today, guardian bells are more famous and liked by motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. They come in various designs and styles, often featuring motorcycle-related motifs or symbols believed to offer additional protection. Whether as a symbol of camaraderie among bikers or a talisman for safe travels, the guardian bell remains a cherished tradition within motorcycle culture, carrying the echoes of its mysterious and storied origins.

Rules of guardian bell for motorcycles:

Some rules must be followed when using guardian bells, even though they are positive indicators of safety and fellowship among the motorcycle community. There are no specific rules to follow when using guardian bells, as they symbolize protection and unity within the motorcycle community.

They are a simple way to display support and connection among riders, bringing positivity and safety to the road.

Gifted, Not Purchased:

A guardian bell should always be gifted to a motorcycle rider rather than purchased by themselves. According to tradition, the bell's protective powers are believed to be enhanced when given as a gift from a fellow rider or loved one.

Placement Matters:

The biker guardian bell should be hung low on the motorcycle, ideally near the lowest point of the frame or as close to the ground as possible. This positioning allows the bell to capture and neutralize negative energies or spirits encountered during rides.

Never Touch the Ground:

It's considered bad luck for the guardian bell to touch the ground once it's been installed on the motorcycle. Doing so is believed to nullify its protective powers and invite misfortune onto the rider.

Keep It Clean:

Regularly clean and polish the guardian bell to maintain its appearance and effectiveness. A clean bell repels negative energies better and keeps riders safe during their journeys.

Respect Its Role:

Treat the guardian bell with reverence and respect, acknowledging its significance as a symbol of protection and good luck. Avoid tampering with or removing the bell once installed, as doing so may disrupt its protective powers.

Transfer with Care:

If a rider sells or upgrades their motorcycle, transferring the guardian bell to the new bike is customary. This ensures continuity of protection and maintains the bond between the rider and their fellow bikers who gifted the bell.

Share the Tradition:

Spread awareness of the guardian bell tradition among fellow riders and new motorcycle club members. Motivate others to feel custom and pass it on by gifting guardian bells to friends, family, and fellow riders, keeping the tradition alive for many generations.

Fact: In the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, riders exchange guardian bells as signs of friendship and wishes for safe travels, enhancing the sense of clubbing among riders.

How to Install the Guardian Bells:

Fixing or installing a guardian bell on a motorcycle is a pretty easy task that begins with selecting the best location on the bike's frame, mainly near the footpegs. It's advised chiefly to choose an area where the bell can freely hang, ideally near the lowest point of the frame.

Once the location is chosen, the guardian bell is securely attached using a strong string, wire, or a zip tie. Care should ensure tight attachment to prevent excessive swinging while riding.


  • The bell should hang freely and not touch the ground when the motorcycle is stationary or in motion.
  • Before finalizing the installation, it's essential to test for clearance to ensure that the bell does not interfere with any moving parts or the motorcycle's operation.

Where can you buy Guardian Bell?

So, you finally decided to gift Guardian Bell to your biker mate! Renegade Classic is your top-notch choice whenever you want biker clothing, motorcycle accessories, or biker accessories. It’s a vintage motorcycle store.


At Renegade Classics, you can find a variety of stylish Guardian Bells that will make the perfect gift for your biker mate.


I hope you now have complete knowledge about the guardian bells for motorcycles! Most of your concepts and myths about these bells have been cleared. Now, you can tell everyone confidently about the background of motorcycle bells. 
Do you still consider it a superstition attempt? So, are you planning to gift Angel Bell to your partner? I believe you read the rule that one can’t buy his bell, so show care to your partner and surprise him/her with a guardian bell. Because being a biker, nothing can replace the happiness of installing a new bell to the bike, and trust me, it's also the perfect gift for bikers of all ages.


Check out Our collection of Guardian bells today and mark your loved ones safe from road occupants and gremlins!


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