Own Your Own Store

Dear Prospective Renegade Classics Outlet Owner,

Thank you for your interest in licensing a Renegade Classics Outlet store and for seeing the potential in owning a successful business of your own. The motorcycle market is super HOT, right now. Opening a Renegade Classics Outlet store will get you in business providing motorcycle riding gear and accessories to thousands of bikers in your area, right now!

Renegade Classics motorcycle clothing company has been selling biker apparel to motorcycle shops across the nation since 1994. We also sell direct to the public at national motorcycle rallies throughout the year.

Our Renegade Classics Outlet store was opened in 1999 as a place, nicer than our warehouse, for our friends and fellow bikers to buy our products. It has since grown into a full biker apparel store, where we carry just about everything that today's biker needs. The product line has been greatly expanded and updated to include boots, helmets, jackets, cold weather riding gear and a myriad of other biker lifestyle products. The response to this store has been phenomenal and the outlet is extremely profitable.

Our first licensed Renegade Classics Outlet store was opened in Sacramento, California in August of 2003. By following our business and marketing plan completely and because of Sacramento's larger population, this store is already as financially successful as our original store in Fresno.

The exceptional success of our outlet store over several years has prompted us to offer, through this licensing program, a way for qualified individuals to open a Renegade Classics Outlet store in their area. Our goal is to help you, as a licensee, duplicate the profitable stores that are here in California. We are confident that our business and marketing plan is proven and will work in any large city across the country.

Due to the high volume of inquiries we are receiving, we would like you to consider some financial and demographic requirements that would make for a successful operation. Demographically, your area should have a population base of at least 400,000 people within a 30-mile radius. You will need between $120,000 and $150,000 of capital to open a store, depending on location, building size, rental rates, and tenant improvements.

The financial costs to open an outlet store breaks down as follows:

  1. Licensing fee of $15,000, paid to Renegade Classics, for use or our name, logo, business and marketing plans, protected territory (25 mile radius), vendor list, recommended stock items and prices, on-going support and new products.
  2. Initial store stock of $80,000-$100,000 purchased from our recommended vendors (the bigger the store, the more stock you will need).
  3. Tenant improvements of $5,000-$10,000 which includes signage, fixtures, computers, software, alarm systems, etc. We will help with store floor plan layout.
  4. Initial operating capital of $10,000-$30,000, for day-to-day working of the business, initial advertising, and rent, power, and phone deposits.

Running our outlet store has taught us a lot about which products sell well and which products to avoid. We have sorted through bad vendors and negotiated favorable prices with good vendors. Our experience will prove most valuable to you and will help you avoid many costly mistakes. This, plus being associated with a known and respected organization in the biker community, will lead to helping you become a successful business owner. While we cannot divulge all of our marketing plans during your initial call, that is privileged information for our licensees, we are anxious to talk to you and help you get started right away.

After considering the suggested financial and demographic conditions listed, if you feel you would have success owning an outlet store, please contact us and we will begin the licensing process. We are confident that by following our plan your Renegade Classics Outlet Store will be the place bikers in your area go for all their leather, clothing and accessories.


Troy D. Rowsey