Licensee Support

Renegade Classics® has developed an extensive support system to help every licensee start up and operate their store in the best possible conditions, and prepare for success.

The Renegade Classics® support system provides any licensee guidance and assistance in the following areas:

RC Licensee Support

  • Store location
  • Store layout & design
  • Signage & marketing
  • Store fixtures & lighting
  • Management/POS software
  • Advice on initial inventory
  • Pricing & merchandising
  • Marketing plan
  • Access to exclusive RC merchandise
  • Extensive Operations Manual
  • Initial owner's training at a successful RC store
  • Access to RC vendor & partner network
  • Access to RC Owners Forum
  • Bi-annual RC Owners Conference

Watch this short introduction video:

If you were to open and operate a motorcycle gear store in a city, you would have to acquire knowledge, experience and precious industry connections in all the above areas. This is why in so many industries, most new stores FAIL in the first 2 years of operations. Their owners don’t know what they are doing and they don’t have the right connections.

Renegade Classics® licensees do not have to reinvent the wheel. Even if some of their operating circumstances will remain specific to their local market, they can count at all times on the deep well of technical and industry knowledge of the Renegade Classics® team, and on having access to the industry partners and vendors critically needed for success.

Store owners talk about the Renegade Classics support system

When we opened our Houston location in October 2005 we had no clue about what it took to be in retail, what we needed to stock, how to set our store up, or what vendors to go through to even get any inventory. With a quick look at what worked for other owners and a list of vendors to choose from we were already light years ahead of the game setting our store up for success. Renegade Classics has help me grow my store by finding hot new items like micro DOT helmets and gadgets like phone holders that fly off the shelves! We also run ideas past each other about what works at different locations and how to make your store more retail friendly. It also helps to have the extra buying power to be able to barter with some of our vendors for a better price on our products, some offer up to and over 10% less then what your competition is paying for the same product. That may not sound like much, but when you are spending upwards of $20,000 with a particular vendor… that adds $2,000 to your pocket at the end of the day! All in all, it’s just great being apart of something that everybody else is on the same page as you are and want to see you and your business succeed.

—Dennis Chenault, Renegade Classics Houston

I can’t imagine opening up a store without the support of the Renegade Classics family.  The help we received in preparing our initial stocking order and laying out the store was worth the licensing fee alone.  You are hooked up with the most reputable wholesalers in the industry, and given access to some very nice discounts and special programs.  You  have access to decades of experience that can help you keep things on track and grow your business at a rate that would be impossible otherwise.

—Bob Gingell, Renegade Classics Manassas

Our Tucson store opened up in January 2008, right as the economy was heading south in to the great recession. We almost broke even the first year and grew our sales by nearly 70% in our second. We have grown our sales in 8 of the 9 years we have been open. This would not have been possible without the start up and continuing support of not only he Renegade home office team, but also the ability to network with over 20 other running Renegade Classic’s store owners. A lot of retail success comes from experimenting with new product, marketing and merchandising strategies. Renegade Classics not only arms you with practical knowledge and operational systems for owning and operating your store, but a continuing stream of retail intelligence and support to help you make better decisions. Not being out there all-alone has huge advantages in the every changing retail world. We have had a great ride!

—Allan Hammerel, Renegade Classics Tucson

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