Renegade Classics Testimonials

Letters from our Outlet Owners

  • January was the beginning of our 4th year in business.

    We ended June at , 800, up 11K and 42% over last year, putting up 18% (and at 8K) YTD. Plus, it was a "no sale" month. See the attached “Top 10” department increases. Helmets lead the way being up 147% over last year. It's been north of 100 degrees every day this month and north of 105 each the last 10 days. Not great riding weather. I wish I could tell you why this is happening. I probably have 20K more inventory than a year ago, but only 4 more Helmet styles. My merchandised mix has not changed that much in the departments that are generating the growth. We added 2,000 new customers to the data base in 2010 and 1,055 so far this year, so maybe it's the marketing mix. Hassan in Baltimore is 35% up for June, as is Greg in Albuquerque is up about that too.

    From: Allan in Tucson